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This page contains data on the courses that I teach. For general course schedules and descriptions, see the Registrar's section of UT Austin Web Central.
Chemistry 618B
Chemistry 618B is the second semester of sophomore organic. There are separate sections for Chemistry/Biochemistry majors and for Chem. Engineers..

Chemistry 610A
Chemistry 610A is the first semester of introductory (i.e.sophomore) organic chemistry for non-chemistry majors.All non-chemistry/biochemistry majors take the same first semester course, but engineers register for CH618A and life science and other majors register for CH610A. Both courses are identical and meet together.

CH610B is the second semester of organic chemistry for life science and all other majors except chemistry/biochemistry and engineering majors..

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18 June 98
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin
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