Quantum Trajectory Method

This animation illustrates a sample chemical reaction using the Quantum Trajectory Method introduced by Bohm. The scene depicts an activated complex of a model reaction. The reactant coordinate axis is oriented from left to right, and the product axis extends out towards the viewer. The vertical cylinders represent the probability of the state, and this vertical scale is exaggerated. A grid in the original video has been removed from this web version to economize the storage requirement of the animation file.

As the animation proceeds, the reactant complex moves to the right, turning the transition state corner toward the viewer as product is formed. Near the end of the animation, reactants can be seen to start retreating back toward the left, away from the transition complex.

Quantum Trajectory Method
(3.1 Mb) QuickTime

The computations were performed by Robert E. Wyatt. This animation was produced by J. David Adcock, a graduate student in Prof. Wyatt's research group. The graphics were rendered using the POV Ray Version 3.0.1 program. For more information, send e-mail to david@quantum.cm.utexas.edu.

Last modified: October 1, 1999