CH 368: Spring, 2004 (Bauld)


Mechanisms and Theory of Organic Reactions


Prerequisite: Sophomore Organic





Unit 1. Theoretical Concepts of Organic Reactions: Frontier Orbital Theory, Simple MO Theory


Unit 2. Transition State Theory, Reaction Paths, and Transition State Modeling


Unit 2 Addendum: Electrocyclic Reactions


Unit 3. The Stereochemistry of Organic Reactions


Unit 3: Addendum: Anchimeric Assistance


Unit 4. Linear Free Energy Relationsips: The Hammett and Hammett-Brown Equations


Unit 5. Radical Reactions


Unit 6.Anion Radicals


Unit 7. Cation Radicals


Unit 8.Electron Transfer Reactions


Unit 8.Addendum: Inner vs Outer Sphere ET


Unit 8. Addendum: The Marcus Equation [The notes for this will also be provided as a hardcopy handout]


Unit 9. Diradicals and Triplets


Unit 10. Pericyclic Reactions


Unit 11 Carbenes



Problem Sets


Set # 1

Set # 2

Set #3 [A hardcopy handout]